Panasonic GH5 and lots of exciting announcements

Panasonic have just announced the much anticipated Panasonic Lumix GH5 the successor the enormously successful GH4. With a lot of other announcements too that include 2 new accessories for the GH5, 4 x refresher lenses and the first of the new Leica lenses which were announced at Photokina along with another 2 new cameras. 

To get a live Q&A head over to the Panasonic Lumix Twitter account now: 

First of the GH5:

Whats new? It is more of a case I think of what is not new, but I will break down the key points:
* Highest ever image quality from a Lumix Camera with a new 20.3mp Sensor
* New Venus Engine
* 6K Photo mode (18mp at 30FPS + 6K Post Focus and Focus Stack)
* Dual IS mrk 2
* 0.05 second focus speed
* 225 Area AF
* 4K Video at 60FPS (This means 4K Photo at 60FPS)
* 4:2:2 10bit recording
* Broadcast quality video
* Full sensor usage during video recording
* FHD video recording at 180FPS
* Anamorphic(4:3) 4K (h.264) recordinjg
* HDMI Type A (full size)
* Improved OLED viewfinder
* Dual SDXC UHS-II U3 SD slots (Hot swapping available)

And this is just the tip of the Iceberg with what this camera can do, it is a true multi-media tool, meeting the requirements for broadcast quality video, high resolution stills a vastly reduced size XLR adaptor (now fits on the hot shoe) and much more the GH5 like the GH4 before it looks to be a game changer. Over the next few days much more will emerge keep an eye out on @LumixUK's Twitter and Instagram to keep upto date.

Other news:

We have seen the announcement of 4 of the Panasonic lenses these are:
* 12-35 f2.8
* 35-100 f2.8
* 100-300
* 45-200

Along with the announcement of the new Leica 12-60mm f2.8-f4 lenses.(Test images to come soon)

Followed by two new cameras:

GX800 - A new entry level model to the Lumix G range, with a flip up screen ideal for Vloggers and selfie takers, 4K Video and all the bonuses that brings (4K Photo and Post focus) and coming in a variety of colours some of which we will see as exclusives to certain stores.
(Product and test images coming soon)

And last but not least the FZ82 a new addition to the Lumix FZ range and replacing the FZ72 as the high zoom option in the range, the main upgrades here are to a new touch screen interface to compliment the addition of all of the 4K Video and photo modes.


Pricing expected prices to be:
Body only: £1699
Body + Lumix 12-60mm: £1899
Body + Leica 12-60mm f2.8-4: £2199

With the Vlog update expected to be around £99

These prices are subject to change. 

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