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So for a while I have been looking at ways to improve my work flow and around a year ago I saw concept art for a collection of Sliders which interlocked and allowed you to control certain development modules and though oh thats a brilliant idea, fast forward a year and the products are launched find it here

Now I have to be honest the Palette kits are beautifully designed and would look great on any creatives desk. However for me the starting price of $199.99 (+shipping and taxes) 

2 Buttons, 1 Dial, 1 Slider

Giving you 3 controllable modules if you want/need more as I feel most people would this raises up to $499.99  (+shipping and taxes)  for the kit below. Again for  
4 Buttons, 6 Dials, 4 Sliders

Again for me as nice as this looks the cost made its value questionable as this was/would be my first movement in to this style of editing. So this is where I started to research my options and it appears there are lots of options varying in price. 

However the post this option is going to focus on is using a fantastic FREE software MIDI2LR which can be found here - a software that allows you to use any midi controller as a way to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom.  

MIDI2LR is a fantastic option for any body looking to explore this option as a way of editing, the  key benefits of this software are;

Open source, allowing it to be developed by all who know how making the progress and development of software fast paced. 

Completely customisable/compatable, for all midi devices - I personally chose:   


As this device gave me all the options that I was looking for 8 pads and 8 dials to allow me to set up a workflow that works well for both cataloguing and developing. 

Easy to set up - The software is to install and set-up. With the programming/mapping of the Midi device is just as easy.

Set Up: 

Once downloaded the installation is very simple and can be followed using their ReadMe guide but here are the basics:

File, Plug-In Manager
 Click add
 Locate and Install MIDI2LR
And that's it installed and ready to set up. 

The plug-in should launch its self bringing up this menu.
When you click/twist a button dial you'll bring up this menu you to allow you to program them as you need/want

And that, is that. You are set up and ready to go see below for a quick demo video from my Instagram. 

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